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Questions tagged [quality-evaluation]

When examining the quality of questions/answers on the site.

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This SE site doesn't have a chance with the current users and mods, how does this get fixed?

So there are a few users on here that have some really good knowledge about certain sports. You get pretty good quality answers - these guys are generally coaches or referees in their respective ...
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How do we handle "autograph-identification" questions with no detail?

Our last 7 autograph-identification questions (3 have been since deleted) have provided no detail toward helping to identify the autograph. These questions have been generally received well here, but ...
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3 votes
8 answers

Close Reasons Evaluation [closed]

TL;DR - Our close reasons should be in line with what we define in the help center and through discussions on meta. Moreover, for our new users, non-descriptive close reasons do not help them. They, ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Too Localized Question Evaluation

Regarding: Sachin Tendulkar's bowling record In said question, the following was omitted: Does the batting sensation hold any other such fascinating bowling records to his name? As of the ...
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9 answers

Subjective Question Evaluation [closed]

Subjective (and speculative) questions have been a significant discussion topic on Sports SE meta. Take a look at the following "subjective" questions below. If you agree that the question is a good ...
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Constructive Question Evaluation [closed]

Mistu4u asked a question: What are the reasons that cricket is not included in the Olympics? The community seems to be split on the constructivity of this question. Is this question constructive/...
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One sentence answers

Over the past few days, we have seen a couple of answers on the Is it legal to throw an alley-oop to yourself in a real game? thread having just a sentence. Mind you, the answers aren't wrong but they ...
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Off-Topic Question Evaluation

Bogdonavist asked: Who should sit out when a social sporting team has too many players available? The user added: This question may be considered to be off topic by some. I'm happy for the ...
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1 vote
5 answers

Sports Trivia Evaluation [closed]

Personally, I have been iffy, at best, about sports trivia questions. However, I would rather reflect the perspective of the community than my own. Take a look at the following sports trivia ...
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4 votes
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How did we do for the Olympics?

In response to this question: What can we do to promote the site for the Olympics? As a community, how did we do for the Olympics? Where did we succeed? Where do we need to improve on moving forward? ...
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11 answers

Sports self-evaluation: let's get critical! [closed]

You love your site and we love your site, but there is a whole world of people out there who might not even know it exists. When they do find it, their first impression will either scare them away or ...
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