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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 55
on-topic based on the scope's definition, and why.
× 49
When examining tags, and their relevance.
× 31
the scope, and why.
× 26
When examining the best-practices for asking questions.
× 17
× 15
Requests to add synonyms for currently existing tags.
× 14
When examining the best ways to promote the site.
× 12
when you want to draw attention to a specific question on the main site. For example, if you want to draw high-rep users to close/reopen/edit a question, if you want to discuss the…
× 11
× 10
When examining the quality of questions/answers on the site.
× 5
When examining the role of moderation.
× 4
Questions about the copyrights of the StackExchange sites or about the posting of copyrighted material by users.
× 4
× 4
Public Service Announcments for Sports SE
× 3
tag for questions related to some other site from SE network. If you want to ask about a site proposal, use (area51) tag.
× 3
The process of migrating off-topic questions from one Stack Exchange site to another.
× 3
× 3
× 3
For questions concerning area51 proposals.
× 2
For questions concerning using images in questions, image hosting etc.
× 2
A tag for questions about the community wiki feature (regardless of whether or not the questions themselves are community wiki).
× 2
× 2
× 2
if you have questions or suggestions regarding the reputation system on Sports.SE.