Personally, I have been iffy, at best, about sports trivia questions. However, I would rather reflect the perspective of the community than my own.

Take a look at the following sports trivia questions below. If you agree that the question is a good fit for this site, please upvote. If you feel the question wouldn't be a good fit, please downvote. With all questions, a comment about how and why it would fit or not is much appreciated.

*Sports Trivia has been addressed in a meta question. This evaluation is extending that previous discussion.

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    The community has spoken. Sports Trivia is a good fit for this site.
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Winning despite walking

What is the MLB record for the most walks (bases on balls) allowed in a single game (9 inning game) by a pitcher who ultimately still recorded the win?


MLB near perfect game

To throw a perfect game a pitcher would have to get 27 batters out in a row.

How many times in MLB history has a pitcher had 26 strait outs only to allow the would be final batter to reach base?


Expo who remained longest with the Nationals

Which Expo player who moved to the Nationals in 2005 remained longest (continuously) with the Nationals?


NBA MVP/Finals MVP and Champion

So LeBron just won the title, the NBA MVP and NBA Finals MVP. Who else has done that? I know that generally the NBA Finals MVP belongs to the team that won the title, but I believe there was an instance where that didn't happen.


Is there NBA player who won triple MVP in one season?

Is there NBA player who won the all 3 NBA MVP awards?

this includes Regular Season MVP, Finals MVP and All-Star MVP award in the same season?