I find it very easy to mistakenly make new tags by mistyping an existing tag's name. I've also had the issue where I somehow changed the very first tag in the list, when adding a tag a new tag to a question. For example here was changed to when I added the tag to the question, and here became when adding . For some reason the first letter of the new tag I added to the list, also got applied to the first tag that was already in the list.

It'd be nice to have a pop up letting us know we're creating a new tag, just in case it wasn't the intended goal, specially since it's a functionality of SE.

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  • Confirming this is on the CM's backlog, and we'll update y'all once a CM gets assigned to dig into this :) – JNat Oct 9 at 16:48

Sounds like a good idea to me; creating tags should be a rarer thing, in any event, so not a big deal to have a small barrier to doing it, and it might discourage people creating needless tags as a bonus.

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  • Have we made any progress towards this? – alamoot Aug 31 at 0:35
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    I'll ping the CMs about it, since it seems like we have a consensus more-or-less! – Joe Aug 31 at 15:26

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