For question Why isn't Cricket an Olympics sport event? rollback, we voted to close as duplicate of How does a sport become an Olympic Sport? and now the edited question is getting reopen vote but still is duplicate of closed question with accepted answer What are the reasons that cricket is not included in the Olympics?.

So what will we do in this case. Should we reopen it and called it a duplicate of new one or anything else.


Personally, I'd be tempted to just let it be. I'm not that bothered that a question which hasn't particularly attracted positive interest from the community is pointing to a slightly wrong duplicate, particularly when the current target is definitely a better question than the potential new target.

If there's a strong community feeling that we should retarget the duplicate, then we can do that one way or the other; the quickest would be for a moderator to use their binding votes to re-open and then immediately close again, but I'd always be slightly reticent to do that as it's skipping the community having a choice.

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