There may be a global StackExchange answer for this that I am unaware of, but how should we handle questions whose answers would change periodically?

For instance:

  • League rules that may change every season
  • Player or league statistics that could change every day (these may be considered off-topic already, not sure)
  • etc...

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This has been covered on meta.stackoverflow.com (unsurprisingly, since programming languages/libraries change so often).


If you have the power, edit the existing answer and update it. If you do not have edit privilege, write a new one and add a comment to the existing one, pointing to yours. Ask others to merge them.


Edit, if you can. If not, ask your own, link to the other question, explain why you ask again and ask a moderator, if he can merge the questions.

That said, I think most statistics questions are too ephemeral to really work here; and those that aren't (e.g. "Who has the most receiving touchdowns in NFL history?") are usually easily looked up, so I don't know that they're worth hosting either.

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