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Because you accepted a CW answer. CW answers don't earn their posters any reputation for getting accepted, so it won't earn you any reputation for accepting it.


Both The Clubhouse and Sports News chat rooms are still open! Perhaps you were seeing rooms from another site instead. You can favorite the room to keep from losing it again, or you can always go to the site tab on Chat.SE and search for "Sports". Or, to get there from here, you can go through the Stack Exchange menu:


How can I include an image into a post ! Adding a picture to a question or answer is very easy , Just follow the steps. Clicking the Insert Image button on the toolbar. Then a popup should come , from that popup select an image from your computer, or the web. And click on add picture. Then something like this will be generated in the text area [![Image ...


Comment deletion by moderators can be viewed by moderators (or above, of course). However, for the most part comments are always subject to arbitrary deletion; they are not intended to persist nor to contain important information. If you are concerned about a specific moderator action, please contact the CMs using the Contact link on the bottom of the ...


If you feel that your post was not useful to the site, then you may delete it if you so wish. Remember that, you as author, can still edit the deleted post to improve it and then undelete it later. Generally, there are no negative effects of deletion. However, deletion of your post is recorded. If you make a habit of deleting posts, a black mark will go ...


"Expected" behaviour for high reputation users; see this answer on meta.physics for the reasoning behind it. (Personally, I think the behaviour is silly, but I don't make the decisions). A warm welcome to the 2k club, by the way :-)


Examples that work: (Bare URL) (Some text before the URL) This is Michael Jordan's Flu Game, the greatest basketball performance of all time! Isn't he amazing? (URL shortener - seems to work with the default one) Examples that do NOT work: (This has the link ...

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