While I have been absent from both Sports and the network more widely for the past few months, I'm now upping my activity again so would be interested in standing.


It depends... If the answers explains why there is no mathematical or factual solution I'd allow it. It's a good answer, even if the asker doesn't like it. Saying No is a proper answer. Delete it, if it's just a random statement addressing, but not answering the question. If the answer is good, but still doesn't answer the question, I'd probably delete it ...


I have been hesitant to consider a moderator role previously, had an election been announced. However my concerns on the side of holding the role are now reduced or outweighed by wider considerations. I would nominate myself, and accept the support or otherwise of the community as indicated through an election.


I'd do it. I already tried it once on Gaming SE and I'm still up for it.


The term "bad answer" has a lot of different meanings, and different types of bad answers should be handled by reviewers and moderators in different ways. But one principle that we should keep in mind is that we do not expect moderators to be the judge of whether an answer is right or wrong. Moderators are given only one up or down vote, just like ...

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible