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I checked with the devs and it turns out the answer is: Caching Heavy caching even. Each of our web servers buffer incrementing view counts until a threshold is met, then all the updates are written to the database. So, we have 9 web servers and the default site threshold is 10 views of all profiles for each site. Therefore a web server needs to get 10 ...


I edited the question to fix the tag spelling. As that was its only use and there's no tag wiki, I think we're done here :-)


I followed @Philip Kendall's advice and contacted the Stack Exchange team through contact form. Here is the response: Hello, It's possible that the day you missed never updated the consecutive count correctly in your profile and that it was recently corrected (it is stored as a simple number in a denormalized field in the database). However, ...


This is something you'll have to contact the Stack Exchange team about; even the moderators quite rightly don't have access to to that level of detail about a user's activities.


You have in fact asked another question in February 2017 - the question was closed by the community and then deleted by one of the Stack Exchange "clean up" bots. I think you can still see your own deleted questions, but if not it certainly is the case. Note that in terms of question bans, deleted questions still count. Your current question ban here will ...


Determining whether a particular situation, regardless of sport, involves an offside position an offside offence any appropriate penalty, and how to indicate the offside are all aspects of officiating. This synonym is perfectly appropriate and should remain.

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