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How should questions about 'Canadian football' tagged?

I think there is no tag for 'Canadian football.' Canadian football is different from American football, but they share a lot of things. Should we create a 'Canadian football' tag, or such questions ...
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Can someone Create a Yoga Tag?

Can someone create a Yoga Tag, there are yoga sport competitions. I don't have enough points to create this tag. Thanks, Question Reference: What is this bent knee handstand position called in Yoga or ...
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Synonyms for video-review tag

Developing @alamoot's idea, I have crawled our site and tagged bunch of questions with tags synonymous to video-review tag, because in different sports people use different terms for the same concept: ...
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Why is "offside" a tag synonym for "officiating"?

I was browsing the tags on Sports SE and arrived at the tag synonyms for officiating. There you can see offside listed as a synonym alongside officiating, referee, and umpire. Offside is a foul or a ...
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Tagging Up: edits, synonyms, requests, and other tag-related work

Because of the nature of sports and the progress of Sports Stack Exchange, our tags are in pretty good shape. However many have issues and we don't often notice what needs to be fixed or know what ...
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What do we do with newly created tags that are already covered by existing/related tags?

It was brought to our attention in The Clubhouse regarding tags that are already covered by existing/related tags. In this example, penalty-card has no usage guidance and was only used once. In ...
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Remove "rugby-union" synonym for "rugby"

At some point, it seems that rugby-union has been marked as a synonym of rugby. I'd suggest that this change should be reversed, and we should have three separate tags: rugby: for general questions ...
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Site needs "foosball" / "table-soccer" tag

Is there a reason there is no foosball or table-soccer tag in this site yet? I understand that this site is still in beta version, but I have questions related to foosball that I would like to ask. If ...
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Is there any difference between the tags (scope) and (on-topic) on meta? Should they be synonyms?

I have noticed that there are two meta-tags called scope and on-topic on this meta. They look very similar to me. Tag-excerpt for scope and tag-excerpt for on-topic are the same at this moment: ...
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Synonymous request: [IPL] and [Indian-premier-league]

Currently there are 6 questions tagged with ipl while one question was tagged with indian-premier-league which I re-tagged with ipl since the meaning of both tag is same. So should we make indian-...
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"wicket" - Tag Usage

All wicket-tagged questions have also been tagged with cricket thus far. From Wikipedia: In the sport of cricket the word wicket has several distinct meanings: a set of stumps and bails; ...
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"premier-league" - Ambiguous Tag Usage

posdef introduced a premier-league tag, regarding the English Premier League of the UEFA, in the following question. Although legit, there appears to be an Indian Premier League in cricket. In ...
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Vote rule-book as rules tag synonym

Can you vote up about adding rule-book as synonym for rules? It has the same meaning and should be the same -
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Add tag synonym for ultimate [closed]

Can someone add ultimate-frisbee as synonym for ultimate? According to many references, "frisbee" is omitted due to trademark concerns, yet ultimate frisbee is a commonly used name for the sport.
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Merge "tactics" and "strategy" tags?

I'm not sure that there's a lot to differentiate tactics from strategy. In fact, has strategy as a synonym for tactics.
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Remove icehockey synonym mapping to hockey and make it as the main tag [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Hockey versus Ice Hockey - should they be synonyms? Apparently this meta post has resulted in icehockey being mapped as a synonym to hockey. May I remind that outside of the ...
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How should the tag "Football" be used?

I saw a question with the tag football, but the content was not about football, as I use the term. The question was about "American football." What most countries call "football", Americans call "...
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