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Questions tagged [se-sites]

This is tag for questions related to some other site from SE network. If you want to ask about a site proposal, use (area51) tag.

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16 votes
2 answers

Sports.SE and F&N.SE should be merged

Since its inception Sports.SE has been almost completely redundant with F&N.SE. A huge number of questions that have been asked on Sports.SE are on topic either on F&N or on another stack. ...
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9 votes
1 answer

How does Fitness and Nutrition, with Sports related questions, interact?

What are the boundaries to define if a question belongs on Sports or F&N? Looks like we may need some collaboration cross sites to decide how best to partition the questions?
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-3 votes
1 answer

Pool (the game) site proposal

I was thinking of proposing a SE site about pool (the game). I saw we already have a pool here, which isn’t the most popular. Topics could include: Rules Cues The online 8 ball pool game ...
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-3 votes
1 answer

Sports Analytics is in commitment phase!

After reaching 202 followers since it was proposed in September 2016, Sports Analytics Stack Exchange entered in the commitment phase last 14th August. Let's remember what is this site about: ...
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