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Improving question on championship privilege

Re When does/do a champion/s 'defend' vs start from scratch? Difference between 'champion' and '(recurring) tournament winner'? I mean for whatever sport championships there are tennis, boxing, ...
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Approving anonymous edits that change the initial question

I saw the following questions edited by approving edits made by an anonymous user:
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How receptive are we to petty edits?

I provided an answer to the following question: NBA Wingspan-To-Height Ratio A few days later, an edit was made to the question. The word "wingspan" was replaced with "armspan," and the following ...
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Editing the question about FIFA being against video reviews (the 2nd most voted question on Sports SE)

The question about Why is FIFA against adding instant replay to the game? needs to be edited because the premises in the question are old. The wording in the title and body of the question should be ...
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Title edit that adds a wrong limitation - why allow it to stay?

This edit completely changed the focus of the question title by adding an irrelevant term. The question asks what should happen if, during a kick-off, the ball strikes the goal. It adds a brief side ...
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How should we format results?

[ Moderator note, December 2020: Proper table formatting is now available; that is now clearly the right way to format results ] I recently answered the question Which football matches had the highest ...
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Should we approve and/or make edits to update information of teams or players as they change?

In many questions or answers, certain affiliations of players or specific details of teams are mentioned. For example, consider this edit which changes the description of Hashim Amla from 'South ...
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Should gender-neutral pronouns be replaced with male ones?

When answering questions, I generally use gender-neutral pronouns ("they", "their", "them"), as most sports are played by both men and women. As you can see in this edit here, the "they"s were ...
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Editing tags in a First Posts review or while asking a question showing scroll bars

When editing in a First Posts review if we edit tags in the review page, it shows scroll bars because of tags suggestion. See the below image for more clarity: This happened on a First Posts ...
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Salvaging another user's question

I'd like to try to salvage another user's question, by addressing more precisely the topic, since the original one apparently is too vague to be answered. Am I supposed to edit his question, or to ...
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Why am I getting warning while editing a question?

I was trying to suggest an edit on this question Is it possible to change playing styles in cricket?. When I click on edit link, it show me a warning at right side (above How To Edit tips) like this: ...
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