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Questions tagged [copyright]

Questions about the copyrights of the StackExchange sites or about the posting of copyrighted material by users.

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Do Added Pictures Infringe Copyright

In this particular answer, Dirty-Flow, is adding pictures as well. Do they infringe the copyright protection and is this general practice on Sports Beta?
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PSA: Using game images in questions is not usually fair use

Examples: Why do the captains of the New England Patriots not wear captain patches? Content on this site has to be licensed under the Creative Commons ...
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Original answer or not

Lately, we have had a rather large number of cases where an answer is flagged and/or commented on because a significant part of the answer is quoted from elsewhere. A few current examples: How to ...
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Is there a guideline to quoting from copyrighted rule books?

If we're going to discuss rules questions, we'll often be quoting from the rule books, in part because Stack Exchange really encourages quoting from a source instead of (and in addition to) just ...
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