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If you put effort into answering a question, it's probably worth an upvote

I've started thinking that our site's users need to be a little bit more generous long before, but after this Question about the best loser from a new user gathered 5 answers and only 1 upvote (by the ...
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Sports Statistics and topicality

The question below was closed, and probably correctly according to our FAQ (although I'm not sure what "source" exactly means). I'd like to open a discussion over whether questions like this should ...
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What is the consensus on "do-it-for-me" questions?

This question had the following comment: This is really a do-it-for-me question. You can easily find it out by yourself. After seeing this comment, I feel like this has been happening occasionally....
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New On-Topic Page Rollout

After discussion among users from the community, we seem to be in agreement to redefine/further define the scope/subject matter of the content on Sports SE. As a result, this would work hand-in-hand ...
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Let's get critical: May 2013 Site Self-Evaluation

We all love Sports Stack Exchange, but there is a whole world of people out there who need answers to their questions and don't even know that this site exists. When they arrive from Google, what will ...
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Is gossip kind of questions can be asked on this site?

I wrote and answer the following question in order to share my knowledge, Q&A-style. Why did a swimmer wear a swim cap with someone else's name? I also wrote it because a lot of people ...
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Too Localized Question Evaluation

Regarding: Sachin Tendulkar's bowling record In said question, the following was omitted: Does the batting sensation hold any other such fascinating bowling records to his name? As of the ...
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Are quiz questions on-topic?

In regards to this question: Regardless of quality, it is clear what the OP is asking and it is not opinion-based. Moreover, Sports SE has chosen to allow trivia content. Given the community ...
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Close Reasons Evaluation [closed]

TL;DR - Our close reasons should be in line with what we define in the help center and through discussions on meta. Moreover, for our new users, non-descriptive close reasons do not help them. They, ...
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Is the Williams contract question an allowable sports trivia example?

There's been one discussion in Sports.meta regarding sports trivia. I noticed a recent question about Ted William's largest contract. It's admittedly not a great question, but seems to fall under the ...
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Sports Trivia Evaluation [closed]

Personally, I have been iffy, at best, about sports trivia questions. However, I would rather reflect the perspective of the community than my own. Take a look at the following sports trivia ...
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Why so many 'bar bet' questions?

It seems to me (and I admit, I may be wrong) that a large percentage of our questions are what I would call 'bar bet' questions. Some examples would be: How many goalkeepers scored goals in the old ...
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Are trivia questions about facts acceptable? [duplicate]

Are trivia questions about facts acceptable? For e.g. Who is the first player to do so? Which team did this first? Also, if we already know such facts is it okay to ask & answer? (However if ...
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Trivia question on sports players: revisiting the issue

I know there was one related question, Should we allow sports trivia? and the most upvoted answer reads: This site is (was?) intended to be inclusive of both fans and participants. Thus sports trivia ...
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