In 2018 after a discussion on meta it was decided that autograph identification questions are no longer considered on-topic on Sports Stack Exchange. Since then, such question are typically closed relatively quickly.

Still, it would be more friendly to the users asking these questions if they were presented with some possible alternatives where to ask such question. If we are able to find some recommendations and collect them here on meta, we could link in a comment to this question.

Question. Can you recommend some sites which are useful for users looking for autograph identifications?

For users asking about autograph identification, this would make their first interaction with this site a bit more pleasant (despite the fact that the question was closed). Which is a good thing - this would improve the image of the site a bit and also increase the likelihood that the user returns to the site and possibly contributes to some areas which are on topic.

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    I understand that this might be considered off-topic here on meta. However, having such resource somewhere on the site might be useful and meta seems the only reasonable place for this. – Martin Oct 21 at 8:57
  • While I think this is a good question, I found a lot of results with "autograph identification", though I don't know which ones are reliable, active... It's also interesting to see that we are still on top results with old questions that have a lot of votes. We can't really blame users to try to ask here. – Bebs Oct 21 at 11:33
  • There are precedents on other SE sites for a Community Wiki meta question listing resources for questions that would be off-topic on the site itself. A CW answer to this question may well be helpful. – Chenmunka Oct 23 at 14:29

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