Right now the excerpt of the tag says:

Questions about the Bundesliga, the highest level of football in Germany.

However, the Bundesliga is not just that. In Germany, the Bundesliga stands for country-wide leagues (usually the highest level and often more than one, even football has two). There are about 50 sports with one or more leagues called Bundesliga and a few more in Austria.

As it now stands it's kind of irritating.. What about the German Handball Bundesliga or Austrian Football Bundesliga? How can we tell them apart with tags?

  • Rename it to and deal with the countries in the tag wiki? (And maybe create a new tag later if a question about a non-football Bundesliga occurs)
  • Rephrase the tag wiki & excerpt to include all kind of sports as it's supposed to be?
  • Or ignore it, because there are no questions about any non-football Bundesliga?
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At least to me as an English-speaking UK native, "Bundesliga" means the top-level German football league. While other things may use the term "Bundesliga", they're definitely of secondary importance. Some evidence I'm not alone on this:

I see this very much the same as : we're fine using a potentially ambiguous tag for one meaning where that meaning is much more common than any others.

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