I was wondering what happens in this type of question aren't they considered as opinion based. If they are not could I ask question like this because I could ask so many different question like this.

Question I have found which are not closed:

Why is Matt Ryan nicknamed “Matty Ice”?

Why is Darren Lehmann called 'Boof'

I would like if someone told me the reason they are not opinion based?


I don't see this as being "opinion based" - in most cases, there's going to be a good reason why a certain player has a certain nickname. Looking (e.g.) at the Matt Ryan one, there's a good answer which gives a direct quote from a reputable source; that's the exact opposite of "opinion based", as it's nothing to do with the poster's personal opinion.

  • Sir thanks for clarifying this, what happens when different reputable sources have different views. Jul 9 '17 at 2:06

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