Are questions about shooting sports on topic here? If not, can you answer the same question about the Outdoors site?


As with other activities which can be done either competitively or recreationally, shooting sports are on-topic here if the question is about the competitive aspect of the sport - see here for the previous meta discussion on this with regards to swimming (or here for an older discussion on running). For example, "how is a clay pigeon tournament scored?" is on-topic, but "how should I flush grouse?" Is off-topic and best asked at The Great Outdoors.

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    I will add that outdoors.SE has shooting tag - although at the moment only with 10 questions, 2 of them closed. And on this site, there are at the moment 9 questions tagged (shooting) (none of them closed). Browsing through older questions might although help with rough idea what can be asked. (Although SE sites evolve, especially while they are in beta.)
    – Martin
    May 31 '17 at 13:27

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