I have just joined with Sports few days back. I have a question in my mind and I wanted to post it here, but before posting here I did a google search.

And my question have an answer in another Q&A site(not in an Stack Exchange sites).

But if it is a good question and adds value to our beta community here, can I post the question here?.

Example Questions :

| |

In general, there is no prohibition about asking questions which have been answered elsewhere on the Internet - the aim is for Stack Exchange to be the source of truth, not "use Google". However, if it's a very common question, then please try hard to make it a really high quality question so the Stack Exchange Q&A can be significantly better than those elsewhere.

With regards to your specific examples, note that the second is already answered on Sports SE; that question is currently the top result if you search for "two wickets one ball", so please make sure you do thorough searches before doing any of this.

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