I have noticed that there are two meta-tags called and on this meta. They look very similar to me.

Tag-excerpt for scope and tag-excerpt for on-topic are the same at this moment:

When examining what is on- or off-topic, and why.

The tag on-topic also has tag-wiki.

When examining what is on-topic, and why.

My opinion is that these tags two tags should by synonimized. (But I cannot suggest the synonyms - I do not have sufficient number of upvotes in those tags.)

  • I guess it is worth mentioning that the tag-wikis/tag-excerpts have been edited after I've posted this question. (So the tag-excerpts are not identical at the moment.)
    – Martin
    Aug 24, 2013 at 6:54

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Although not defined as such, here's my take on each tag:

- examining Sports SE's scope (wording, can we improve?, etc.)

- examining whether questions are on-topic based on Sports SE's scope as defined

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