• How and when to use and tags?

  • What is the difference between them?

Give some easily understandable explanation.

For ex, both these tags are used in this post.

How they are apt with that question?

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is used when you are referring to some words or expressions used in a sport, e.g. "the red zone" in american football or "offside trap" in football. The proposed use of the tag is to ask for clarifications or explanations of the meaning of the terminology.

is exactly what trivia means, trivial pieces of information referring often to less known facts regarding some sports. For instance, "who is the youngest Portuguese football player to score a goal in a World Cup?" would be a very typical trivia question.

Trivia questions rarely have any other purpose than quenching someone's curiosity, in other words, there is little "learning value" but they are often fun or interesting.

so all that said, the question you link to uses both tags and I believe that's because the OP is after the meaning of a term s/he has heard. The way I see it, the fact the question is about the nickname given to a coach justifies the and that the possibility for the nickname to originate from some jargon or slang related to the sport justifies the .

Hope this helps

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