This is a "help" question to explain how to embed a video in your question or answer. Please feel free to use the Answer space to test this functionality out!

You can embed a Youtube video in your question, simply by placing a link to the Youtube video directly in the answer as open text.

The link has to be to https://youtube.com/[yourvideo]; it does not work with some URL shorteners.

As a reminder, videos are welcome in questions or answers, but they should not be the only source of information in that question or answer. If you have a question about something in the video, please explain in words what is happening; and if you have an answer that relies on a video to show something, please also explain in words as best you can. Videos may be taken down at any time, and videos are not accessible for some users.

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Examples that work:

(Bare URL)

(Some text before the URL)

This is Michael Jordan's Flu Game, the greatest basketball performance of all time!

Isn't he amazing?

(URL shortener - seems to work with the default one)

Examples that do NOT work:

(This has the link behind the words, but since the link isn't part of the actual text of the question, it isn't embedded)

Michael Jordan's Flu Game

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